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While the content on HotNews is updated daily, the interface allows you to customize your subscription and receive relevant updates by email. You can also choose which types of news and updates you want to receive and choose how often you want to receive them. You can also customize HotNews by subscribing to specific RSS feeds or industry news. And when you’re ready to subscribe to a specific RSS feed, you can create a personalized subscription and get the latest news.

HotNews is one of the largest and oldest Romanian news websites. It covers the latest news on politics, business, economy, and current affairs. It also features videos, interviews, opinion pieces, and other multimedia content. You can view HotNews headlines in English, Russian, or Romanian. You can also subscribe to video articles and podcasts. HotNews’ content is updated daily, so you can always find a piece of news you want to read.

The Supreme Court first formulated the doctrine of “hot-news” in 1918. At that time, the current Copyright Act was not in place, and the fastest means of communication were the wire and newspaper publishers. Associated Press and the International News Service competed for the right to write about news events and supply those articles to their affiliated newspapers across the country. The Associated Press and the International News Service were the main competitors in the market, and each independently employed journalists covering various news events and generating news articles.

The founders of Hotnews are two former journalists from Romania’s Capital magazine. They started the site in 1999 as a Romanian media press review. In 2001, they began publishing investigative pieces focusing on corruption. In 2005, HotNews switched its name to reflect that it is no longer a political publication and now publishes news in English and Spanish. In March 2018, two of its editors left the site to start their own news website.