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In 1999, a group of journalists created Hotnews. Originally intended to review the media in Romania, the website began publishing investigative pieces, focusing on corruption and other newsworthy issues. In 2005, Hotnews began publishing a Spanish version of the newsletter, as well. The publication is politically neutral and published in both English and Spanish. In March 2018, several editors left Hotnews to start their own news site. As a result, Hotnews’s content no longer has the same high level of editorial control.

One of the most popular news websites in Romania is HotNews, a site that focuses on the latest news. This site publishes news articles, opinion pieces, video documentary clips, and other multimedia content. Besides publishing news and articles, HotNews also features videos, opinion pieces, and interviews. The content is updated daily. The website also has a section devoted to Brexit. HotNews is one of the most comprehensive news sites in Romania, and it’s definitely worth checking out for Romanian and English readers.